Our dedicated paint team can handle full fairing and repaint work through to minor repairs of topsides and superstructures on both recreational and commercial vessels.

We have four enclosed painting bays measuring 26.95m L x 13.18m W x 8.050m H with a 3 ton overhead crane for two-pack work and antifouling, as well as a separate blasting shed measuring 23m L x 8.7m W x 8.45m H used for soda blasting, acid washing and Prop speed applications.

At Northport Marine Services we follow best practice anti-fouling, cleaning and recycling procedures designed to ensure biocides and harmful chemicals are not released into waterways and the general environment.

You can be assured of our commitment to the highest standards of workmanship to deliver the best value for your time and money.



Let our experts handle the tedious part of boat maintenance, Northport Marine Services can organise your bilge cleaning, internal cleaning, internal and external washing and hull polishing. We can also apply your graphics and waterline stickers.